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     Patrice Banks is opening up the male-dominated automotive industry, bringing a fresh perspective to the status quo. By telling her story, she continues to makes history, through engaging talks, interactive workshops, authoring an informative car care guide, and the successful running of Girls Auto Clinic.
    Passionate about equality and empowerment of women, business leadership, innovation, technology and STEM education, Patrice promotes positive messages for female inclusion and empowerment in the auto industry through her #sheCANic movement. Whether speaking to a room full of middle school girls, or national conferences with executives and CEO’s, Patrice inspires individuals, groups and businesses alike, to push boundaries, redefine success and tap into their full potential.
    For more than 10 years, Patrice has wowed crowds, beginning her public speaking career at Dupont, presenting engineering results to top level executives. As a prominent orator, Patrice provides the perfect blend of energy, credibility, humor, grit, and a refreshing realness, to motivate audiences to action, beckoning them to break down barriers, find their purpose and achieve greatness.

"The lowest of lows that you've had, only equate to the highest you can go." - Patrice Banks.

The CEO of Girls Auto Clinic shows us that
the key to success is resilience.

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Girls Auto clinic

Girls Auto Clinic (GAC) is a business established by Patrice Banks in 2013. Banks, a self described auto airhead hated all of her automotive buying and repair experiences. Frustrated with lack of resources educating women on car care and her inability to find a female mechanic in the Philadelphia area, Patrice enrolled in automotive technology school to learn how to work on cars. Her mission with Girl Auto Clinic was to create a place she wanted to bring her car for repair and maintenance. She has since made it her mission to educate and empower women through their cars! 


GAC offers automotive buying and repair resources, products, and services based on trust, education, inclusion, and empowerment. For more information go to

#sheCANic Movement

The #sheCANic movement educates and empowers women through their cars. Patrice was tired of feeling helpless with repairs and car maintenance. She realized she was not the only woman who felt this way. Millions of women out there are thirsty for empowerment and education. It is her goal to reach ever women driver and to create a community of car savvy women that are smart consumers and make confident decisions when it comes to their cars and auto purchases! Welcome #sheCANics!

Patrice educates in a shame-free, relatable, and engaging way to women looking to learn practical information about their vehicles .Patrice: 
-hosts monthly free car care workshops
-penned a car care book
-blogs car care tips, and
-created the #sheCANic Facebook page, a private group that connects female drivers with female mechanics to get answers to their car questions. 

The sheCANic movement is a growing community of car savvy women. Join Us! 

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Glove Box Guide

The Girls Auto Clinic Glove Box Guide is a one-stop do-it- herself guide to auto maintenance, repairs, and roadside emergencies and the real scoop on how women can get honest car service at the garage. Empower yourself now!

#sheCANic Blog

Stay up – to – date and in the know with car, driving, and safety tips that are informative, relatable, and fun with topics like "Does Your Car Have Boogies?"

News, Media, Lifestyle Articles

Patrice also writes for other news, media, and lifestyle blogs. Check out her work with Progressive Insurance and her Op-Ed in the Washington Post. Book Patrice  to write a piece for you today! 

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Julia Clements, Executive Assistant to Patrice Banks:


We had a great time! The girls absolutely loved getting their hands dirty and getting their chance to be a #sheCANic. You are true role model to our girls of what it means to be strong, smart and bold.
— Cherice Arrington - Girls Inc

Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology -

Women's History Month Keynote



Inspirational, empowering, and motivational are a few of many words that we would use to describe Patrice Banks’ presentation. Owner of Girls Auto Clinic and author of Girls Auto Clinic Glove Box Guide, Patrice inspired many attendees. Her spirit of enthusiasm and sincerity made a lasting impression with not only the students, but industry, educators, and parents. Her story and presentation encourages young women to pursue careers in the trades and STEM and to think outside the conventional box – to face their challenges, and continue to work towards their career goals. Patrice Banks is a genuine person. We were honored to host her as a speaker at Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology. In the words of Patrice Banks, “The Future is Female!”
- Dr. Zoann Parker, VP of Academic Affairs at Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology

Professional Women's Roundtable -

PoWeR Award + 15th Anniversary Event


When it came time to accept her award, Patrice stepped up to the podium and delivered what can only be described as a powerful, relatable, and charming account of her path to success. Patrice was engaging, making sure to make eye contact with virtually everyone in the room. She was authentic as she described her childhood, school years, early career and transition to the entrepreneur and author we know today. She was completely comfortable, with no speech or notes in front of her, and managed to captivate the entire room. If you are looking for a speaker who is genuine, impressive, and inspirational, Patrice is the perfect person.

Sophia Financial -

Client Appreciation Event


Patrice gave us practical, easy‐to‐understand information delivered in an amusing and compelling way. My guests were very engaged and interested. I appreciate Patrice’s point of view and honest sharing about the challenges women face in being confident consumers of cars and car care. Her passion for empowering women really shines through. It was a perfect length – long enough to get some good quality content. Everyone really appreciated the information and agreed that they felt like more empowered consumers afterward. We finished with more reception time in the beauty bar. People enjoyed the chance to sit in the comfortable chairs after standing in the garage. This event was a huge hit, and got a lot of buzz from those who attended and those who heard about it but couldn’t attend. It was unique and a differentiator for my brand. It was a pleasure to work with Patrice and Stephanie organizing the event. They were very flexible in accommodating our times and desires.

Delaware County Chamber of Commerce-

Small Business Awards Keynote


Once I got speaking with Patrice, I knew I had to share her story and shop with the surrounding community. Since Patrice is energizing and engaging, we invited her to deliver the keynote address at the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce’s Small Business Awards dinner. Patrice captivated the audience with her vision to disrupt the auto industry in a compelling and empowering way. Patrice is passionate about her purpose of making auto mechanics understandable at the #sheCANic community.

SW VA Higher Education Center-

Annual STEM Workshops


Dynamic, energetic and engaging, she related exceptionally well to 700 female middle school students. As evidenced by numerous comments from the students, Patrice’s story will have a lasting impact on these young women, inspiring them to achievements and careers they might otherwise never have dreamed of. Looking forward to collaborating with Patrice again next year.