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Patrice Banks is opening up the male-dominated automotive industry, bringing a fresh perspective to the status quo. By telling Her Story, she continues to makes history, through engaging talks, interactive workshops, authoring an informative car care guide, and the successful running of Girls Auto Clinic.

Passionate about equality and empowerment of women, business leadership, innovation, technology and STEM education, Patrice promotes positive messages for female inclusion and empowerment in the auto industry through her #sheCANic movement. Whether speaking to a room full of middle school girls, or national conferences with executives and CEO’s, Patrice inspires individuals, groups and businesses alike, to push boundaries, redefine success and tap into their full potential.

For more than 10 years, Patrice has wowed crowds, beginning her public speaking career at Dupont, presenting engineering results to top level executives. As a prominent orator, Patrice provides the perfect blend of energy, credibility, humor, grit, and a refreshing realness, to motivate audiences to action, beckoning them to break down barriers, find their purpose and achieve greatness.


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